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It’s an Owl-fully Cute Baby Shower Theme and Gifts

I remember when my oldest son was born seven years ago,Winnie the Pooh was a popular theme especially Classic Pooh.  I remember buying anything and everything in Pooh theme; the whole nursery bedding set, baby clothes, feeding set, rattles, toys for stroller, you name it I have it.  Clearly I went a little overboard with […]

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Tortilla Soup A la Vitamix

I finally made Tortilla Soup using my Vitamix!  Vitamix is a powerful mixer that you can basically blend the toughest ingredient you can imagine, such as celery or carrot into a nice smooth smoothie.  I mainly use it to make green smoothie.  I would mix two bunches of spinach or kale with a cup of […]

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Parenting & Relationship


5 Things Men Do to Ruin Marriage

Many many years ago when I was in high school, I remember my brother told me 5 deadly sins that men typically do to ruin their marriage.  When I revisited the list, I realized that these type of behaviors can simply apply to both men and women.  Of course things have changed since I was […]

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Money Talk

Fall 2014 Consignment Sale Result

As I had mentioned on my earlier post, I consigned my kids toys and overgrown clothes at Three Bags Full Consignment Sale.  Well the result is rather disappointing.  I did expect to get a low return because unlike the previous sale: I didn’t volunteer.  I was so busy in re-decorating our house that volunteering for […]

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2014 Holiday Circlefest at Cleveland

This past Sunday, we drove two hours to Cleveland to attend Holiday Circlefest 2014.  This would be the first time we attended this annual event, and certainly won’t be the last.  There was so much to see and so much to do for so little time.  All the museums were free.  We spent hours at […]

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All About Me


Throwback Thursday: My Baby Doll

Meet my baby doll Peter!  My mom gave me this doll when I was eight years old, which is a loooooongg time ago.  I don’t know if anyone remember this type of doll back in the 80’s before the cabbage patch doll craze.  The doll that looks like a real human baby?  Remember? I remember […]

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Angry Bird Giveaway: Burger King Takes Flight with Angry Bird

Who doesn’t like Angry Bird?  If your boys are as crazy about Angry Bird as mine, then you are in luck!  Angry Bird, the game originally known to millions for its cheerful destruction of fortresses, is now available at Burger King.  A combination of six Angry Birds theme toys each available with a Kids Meal […]

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