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It’s an Owl-fully Cute Baby Shower Theme and Gifts

I remember when my oldest son was born seven years ago,Winnie the Pooh was a popular theme especially Classic Pooh.  I remember buying anything and everything in Pooh theme; the whole nursery bedding set, baby clothes, feeding set, rattles, toys for stroller, you name it I have it.  Clearly I went a little overboard with […]

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Tofu Fritter aka Perkedel Tahu fresh from the frier, oh so yummy!

Indonesian Recipe: Tofu Fritter (Perkedel Tahu)

Indonesian doesn’t really eat hearty sweet stuffs such as cake, donuts or cookies.  But we loovveeee fried food!!  Anything deep fried…we’ll eat it!  I think it has something to do with the humidity.  Sweet food usually warms up your body and it definitely doesn’t go well in a country that’s about 90 degrees all day long. I […]

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What It Takes to be the Best Company to Work for

Every year Forbes magazine published a list of Best Companies to Work for.  It’s almost like being nominated for Oscar.  Why is it important for any companies to be one of the Best Company to Work for?  Container Store, Costco, SAS are one of very few companies that made the list.  Being in the Top Best Companies […]

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Angry Bird Giveaway: Burger King Takes Flight with Angry Bird

Who doesn’t like Angry Bird?  If your boys are as crazy about Angry Bird as mine, then you are in luck!  Angry Bird, the game originally known to millions for its cheerful destruction of fortresses, is now available at Burger King.  A combination of six Angry Birds theme toys each available with a Kids Meal […]

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